Saturday Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy​ Conversation Hour
Live on Saturdays at 9 AM from New York City

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Failure has nothing to do with your intrinsic value as a person. – Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

While watching the Saturday REBT Conversation Hour, use the three below worksheets to follow along and enhance your learning.

Every Saturday at 9 AM Eastern since August 8th, 2020, I have hosted a free weekly demonstration of REBT on Zoom. I call this the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Conversation Hour. During this hour, I discuss a problem of daily living with a volunteer. I show them how to apply the core ideas and strategies of REBT to their problem. This demonstration is not a role-play but an educational discussion about a genuine difficulty or adversity the volunteer wishes to discuss. At the end of the conversation, I answer questions from the viewing Zoom audience. Dr. Ellis founded Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and the modern cognitive behavior therapy movement. Observing the Zoom demonstration is a great way to see how this problem-focused approach to emotional and behavioral problems is applied to a broad range of issues and can help one to live a happier and more fulfilling life. This weekly demonstration and Q&A period is a great way to learn the core ideas and strategies of REBT, whether or not you are a patient of mine. When you observe others discuss their struggle with a problem and then find a solution using the ideas and strategies of REBT, you often learn something you can use with your problems. Please join us for this popular weekly event that people worldwide have found interesting, educational, and personally helpful.

New York, USASaturdays at 9:00 am EST
London, United KingdomSaturdays at  2:00 pm GMT
Paris, FranceSaturdays at 3:00 pm CET
Sarajevo, Bosnia-HerzegovinaSaturdays at 3:00 pm CET
Bucharest, RomaniaSaturdays at 4:00 pm EET
Moscow, RussiaSaturdays at 5:00 pm MSK
Kabul, AfghanistanSaturdays at 6:30 pm AFT
Karachi, PakistanSaturdays at 7:00 pm PKT
Delhi, IndiaSaturdays at 7:30 pm IST
Tokyo, JapanSaturdays at 11:00 pm JST
Sydney, Australia*Sundays at 1:00 am AEDT
Coordinated Universal Time14:00 UTC

To receive your invitation, join my Intermittent Reinforcement email list. I distribute the Zoom link to attend the Saturday REBT Conversation Hour to attendees through my Intermittent Reinforcement email distribution list.

Please make your request to join the list by writing to me at Once you receive the Zoom meeting link, ID, and passcode, you will use the same link each week to access the Saturday Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Conversation Hour. There is no need to re-register to attend each week.

Disclaimer: I will not be treating a mental disorder, nor is the weekly Conversation Hour a place to seek emergency psychiatric or psychological care. This weekly event is an educational demonstration and will not be a psychotherapy session but a conversation about the problem from the REBT perspective. The issues discussed include interpersonal conflicts with family, friends, and colleagues; acts of disrespect, betrayal, or insufficient recognition with family, friends, and colleagues; loss, failures, and undeserved burdens. Behavioral problems often discussed include self-defeating habits, lack of self-discipline, overindulgence, perfectionism, and procrastination. The volunteer participant can remain anonymous but will participate with the understanding that this is a public educational conversation about adopting healthy attitudes toward the discussed adversity.

To Volunteer to Discuss A Problem with Me During the Conversation Hour

You can email me at during the week before the Saturday discussion if you would like to participate in this conversation as the attendee who will share an actual problem of daily living. In your email, please briefly describe the issue you plan to discuss in a couple of sentences as well as the Zoom name you use so I can properly identify you among the attendees. If selected for the upcoming week, I will send you an email to confirm your participation as a volunteer.