Duration Of Consultation & Goals

At the initial session, at no additional charge I will give you The REBT Pocket Companion for Clients. This helpful little book and my customized emails will help you take the straightforward message and skills of REBT home with you. My approach can shorten the length of time you need to come to therapy or receive coaching assistance. REBT is a very practical approach to problems of daily living. My goal is to help you accomplish your personal goals as efficiently as possible. If you do my between session assignments you are more likely to see improvement relatively quickly. These assignments include reading my emails, reading short books on REBT, questioning your self-defeating thinking, rehearsing new beliefs and doing action assignments related to your specific problems and goals. Some people choose to see me for a few sessions and others choose to hold many more sessions. It is hard to predict how many sessions a given person will need to accomplish their goals. REBT can be intellectually understood in just a couple of three or four sessions. It is easy to understand but the more difficult part is implementing the message of REBT. This is where the effort the individual puts into their program of implementation influences treatment length. REBT takes work and practice. The more one practices the sooner results are achieved.

In addition to your specific goals I would like to help you begin to develop a genuine sense of self-acceptance and self-direction, to learn to take responsibility for your emotional reactions, to be capable of taking calculated risks while tolerating uncertainty, and to learn how not to have to depend on any professional, friend or family member in order to continually set new personal goals and to persist at working towards the achievement of those goals.