Audio 4 – REBT Self-Hypnosis For Stress & Anxiety – Relaxation Training

Below are four audio selections for helping you manage your stress and anxiety. The one labeled REBT Self-Hypnosis for Coping with Stress and Anxiety will help you first to relax and then practice and internalize simple REBT based coping attitudes for stress and anxiety management. The one labeled Guided Relaxation Practice will use a different relaxation path to help you relax and unwind. Each audio takes about twenty-five minutes. Do not use these while driving an automobile. Be sure to sit in a comfortable chair or lie on your bed with your cell phone turned off and perhaps the lights slightly dimmed. Try to practice each one and see which is more to your liking. If you practice once per day in a week or two, you are likely to find you can more quickly calm yourself down as you start to make yourself tense and anxious.

Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety, Anger, Depression

Guided Relaxation

Guided Relaxation (female voice)

Loving Kindness Meditation

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