About Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Our Mission

Patient Care: I strive to provide evidence-based and compassionate psychological care with integrity, commitment to service, and dedication to excellence. I strive to deliver such care as efficiently as possible to alleviate suffering and facilitate emotional independence.

Public Education: I strive to educate the public about Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. REBT has helped millions of people since its inception in 1955 without the assistance of a professional. Others do not know that REBT is a form of cognitive behavior therapy that has distinct emphases and advantages. Therefore, I include many audio presentations on the application of REBT to various topics on this site. With the many books on REBT linked to this site, I hope anyone wishing to learn more about this very useful approach to problems of everyday living can do so. 

Education of Professionals: I am a psychologist fortunate to have been extensively trained by Dr. Albert Ellis, who is considered one of the most influential psychotherapists in history. In a survey conducted in 1982 among approximately 800 American clinical and counseling psychologists, Albert Ellis was considered even more influential in the field than Sigmund Freud. Before he died in 2007, Psychology Today described him as the “greatest living psychologist.” Given the skillset I possess as a result of this exceptional training background, I believe I have an obligation to provide clinically focused educational experiences to future mental health practitioners. Through dedicated mentorship, I strive to train the country’s future cognitive behavioral therapists and leaders of psychotherapy. I do this by providing training services at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, consulting junior colleagues interested in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and cognitive behavior therapy in general, and serving as an adjunct professor of applied psychology in the Steinhardt School of New York University.

Leadership: I serve on the editorial board of The Journal of Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a distinguished academic, peer-reviewed scientific journal. The Journal is one of the oldest in the field of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. It was officially started in 1966 under the name Rational Living and published by the Albert Ellis Institute.

Core Values


To care for patients with the highest ethical resolve


To place my patient’s well-being first above all else


To strive for excellence in the psychological service I provide


To strive to facilitate durable psychological change in the shortest possible time

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