Services & Fees

Dr. Matweychuk provides outpatient psychotherapy for emotional and behavioral problems and coaching services for problems of everyday living to adults, young adults, and couples in his private office in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. He provides these services in his office or via telehealth.
REBT is a problem-focused, solution-oriented approach. It aims to help people change what they can and accept what they cannot. The fee is $262 per 55-minute session. 

REBT aims to teach healthy attitudes, a process for helping yourself, and coping skills. Unless you are in crisis, it is best to have a session or two followed by sessions scheduled every other week so that you have ample time to practice REBT skills and use them in your life between sessions. REBT is not a vent, vent, vent form of therapy with automatic scheduling of a session every week. REBT aims to help you improve in an enduring way, not merely feel better by venting about your various problems and returning to sessions for the rest of your life. You and Dr. Matweychuk are to be held accountable for your progress. Dr. Matweychuk hopes he is the last psychologist you need to consult because you now have skills and ideas that last a lifetime and apply to both your current problems and future adversity you may come to face.

At the initial session, Dr. Matweychuk will assess your problems. Teaching and treatment begin at the initial session in the hope that you leave the session with some relief from your emotional upset and increased hope and confidence that you can do something to help yourself with REBT therapy. The initial session aims to show you how REBT can help you and is different from most other types of psychotherapy or coaching services. You will receive Dr. Matweychuk’s helpful book, The REBT Pocket Companion for Clients. This book, along with my numerous free website audio and video presentations, our 55-minute therapy sessions, and the free Intermittent Reinforcement Emails, will help you learn to adopt practical attitudes toward your problems. REBT can be a quick-acting, short-term psychotherapy. Hence, you likely will feel and behave more rationally and function more effectively after a few sessions if you do the homework he prescribes. You preferably should also attend his free Saturday 9 AM REBT demonstrations on Zoom (click here). During these sessions, you will observe Dr. Matweychuk teaching a volunteer REBT ideas and strategies for many problems. Stepping back and observing others learn the REBT ideas and techniques will expedite your learning. Dr. Matweychuk strongly recommends you watch these demonstrations and ask questions during the Q and A period at the end of the demonstration session. 

Psychotherapy is an investment in an important service that preferably should only go on for a short while. It is often the case that by the time you consider psychotherapy, a great deal is at stake in your personal life, career, or in matters involving children and family. Psychotherapy is NOT just about venting week after week. Psychotherapy is about learning how to react and respond to the most challenging aspects of life more effectively. Dr. Matweychuk aims to deliver a service to help you achieve enduring emotional and behavioral change, learn skills that enable you to function and feel better and move on in your life with some happiness despite ongoing challenges and obstacles. 

Important – Please Read

Do your homework before you commit to working with any psychotherapist. Research the level of training the professional has acquired. Dr. Matweychuk is a doctoral-level clinical psychologist with over 34 years of clinical experience. He is very transparent and you can observe his work before you commit to private sessions. 

Dr. Albert Ellis of New York and Dr. Aaron Beck of the University of Pennsylvania trained him, both pioneers of cognitive-behavior therapy. REBT is an active-directive therapy, and Dr. Matweychuk will strive to teach you how to think and behave so that you respond in a healthy way to the challenges you face. It is essential that you do not select a poorly trained, inexperienced psychotherapist, achieve little or no therapeutic benefit, and then erroneously conclude all therapists do the same thing – passively sit and listen in a confidential environment. Working with a poorly trained psychotherapist, achieving no benefit, and then concluding psychotherapy cannot help you and empower you is what you want to avoid from happening.

Appointments are available every day, including Saturday. Phone: 212-750-2826 to schedule an appointment.


Additional Services

Dr. Matweychuk is willing to do live demonstrations of REBT with volunteers in front of a professional, academic or public audience. It is rare to see experienced psychologists work live. Additionally, Dr. Matweychuk provides public lectures, training workshops, and professional supervision on the application of REBT to various problems (e.g., emotional disturbance, self-discipline, interpersonal conflict).

Invite Dr. Matweychuk to do a demonstration, lecture, workshop, or consultation by calling 646.666.3108 or sending an email to