Why I Practice Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

I practice Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy because REBT is a robust philosophy that helps me effectively respond to virtually any emotional or behavioral problem a person may throw my way. When someone consults me I do not like to be handcuffed by difficult problems. I like taking on difficult cases where people are sometimes facing very challenging circumstances or longstanding problems. REBT allows me to work with people facing these difficult realities and not fatigue while helping them. The REBT message allows for hope despite the existence of a grim reality.

From the philosophy of REBT comes the psychotherapy of REBT. This psychotherapy is problem focused and liberating. It spends little time on background and more time on what matters, namely how one is thinking about the problem and one’s personal philosophy about the problem. Therapies that are slow and inefficient are not for me. REBT takes a straightforward, logical and scientific approach to problems of daily living. I believe people want to be provided with help, solutions, and strategies when they consult a psychologist. They want an active and somewhat directive professional who will show them how to solve their problems. REBT is based on a psycho-educational model and assumes that people who present for counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching can be taught ideas to help them achieve their goals. It allows me as a psychologist to answer a question from a patient with a straight answer and not another question. REBT aims to liberate people. The message of REBT is clear. It teaches Self-Acceptance, Discomfort Tolerance, Emotional Responsibility, Flexibility, Calculated Risk Taking, Self-Direction, and Non-Utopianism. To me these are sensible ideas and good ways to go about living and solving problems. This is why I practice REBT and have stayed with it for thirty-four years of clinical practice.