Intermittent Reinforcement Emails Explaining the Core Concepts of REBT

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Sign up to receive my Intermittent Reinforcement email messages on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). These emails aim to explain the core concepts and strategies of REBT. You cannot use REBT until you understand it’s essential ideas. In these occasional emails, I discuss and explain many rational, self-helping attitudes and how to use this liberating philosophy and psychotherapy. These emails will help you apply REBT to your life and your personal goals. These emails are one way I try to make REBT available to those who wish to understand this useful and straightforward approach to problems of everyday living.

When you join this list you will also receive the link, ID, and passcode to attend my Weekly Zoom Rational Emotive Conversation Hour which takes places every Saturday. During this weekly Zoom meeting I discuss a real problem with a volunteer from the Zoom audience. At the end of our thirty to forty minute discussion, I will take questions from the other attendees watching this live conversation. 

This Zoom conversation will not be a place where you can receive emergency psychiatric or psychological services. I will not be conducting a psychotherapy session or treating a mental health disorder or illness. My idea is to show people how to help themselves using Dr. Ellis’s Rational Emotive Behavior Theory and philosophy. This meeting will take place every Saturday at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time. Corresponding UTC (GMT) Saturdays at 14:00:00

Phone: 212-750-2826 to schedule an appointment.