Audio 2 – Listen, Learn, Practice

The Basics of REBT

The Treatment of Unhealthy Anger

Understanding & Resolving the Self-Defeating Feeling of Hurt

Overcoming Depression

How to Complete the Easy Version of the REBT Self-Help Form

A) Your Activating Event (Your perception of reality. This is the opportunity to make yourself upset)

B) Your Rigid Beliefs (Demanding beliefs expressed  as absolute shoulds, absolute musts, and I cannot stand it like beliefs about the problems and obstacles you face as Activating Events)

C) Emotional & Behavioral Consequences – (These can be either healthy negative emotions that promote constructive action or unhealthy negative emotions that lead to self-defeating, short-term oriented behavior that lead to further difficulities.)

REBT teaches you how to modify your self-defeating beliefs at point (B) and to engage in productive emotional and behavioral responses which enable you to persevere at changing what can be changed and being as happy as possible when conditions either cannot be improved or are very slow to improve.